Our Services

Maintaining good health isn’t limited to your body or mind. Proactively getting your legal affairs into shape also has important benefits.

Clarify Business Relationships

Let our business savvy Legal Consultants draft, review and negotiate your contracts. Clear business terms prevent disagreements and put you in a strategic position in the event that disputes arise.

Be Compliant

We help you make sense of the regulatory requirements and provide guidance on steps needed to stay compliant.

Position for Growth and Investment

Legal Planning is essential to preparing your business for growth or investors. We lay the foundations and structure to enable your business grow, get investors and become the market leader.

Subscription Plans

• Legal Consultations [Phone, Video, Teleconferencing]
• Correspondence, Meeting and Negotiation Support
• Document Creation and Review
• Discounts on fixed fee services

Fixed Fee Services

• Estate Planning [Wills, Trusts etc.]
• Incorporation
• Intellectual Property Registration [Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights]

Legal Process Outsourcing

• Divorce Assist
• Online Dispute  Resolution
• Mediation