A Startup Lawyer: An Ambitious Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon 

Many business owners hesitate to hire lawyers because “legal services are expensive”. It is a cost that can be handled later when the business is generating revenue.

On the contrary, a Startup Lawyer helps smart business owners actually make money in at least three different ways.

Lawyers provide a competitive advantage to smart business owners.

A Confidential Sounding-Board

Did you know that lawyers are required to keep client information confidential? Yes! If lawyers violate this requirement, they could be suspended or disbarred. So that means that we take the duty of confidentiality very seriously. It’s like a lawyer is automatically bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

How does this help the business owner? That means that if you want a confidential sounding board for a new business idea or want help solving a tricky problem, then a lawyer can be a good first step to get some candid feedback.

Strategic Planning Partner

A Startup Lawyer is not merely a business lawyer, he is actually trained to help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you manage risk, evaluate options and help you plot a course. He is also super affordable. Ambitious business owners engage startup lawyers so that they can avoid court and build a business on a solid legal foundation.

By getting a startup lawyer involved in strategic planning early, ambitious business owners ensure that their rights are protected and are able to avoid disputes and problems that cause less-prudent business owners in time, money, and frustration. 

And finally, since startup lawyers have typically had a front-row seat across a large number of businesses similar to yours, you get to benefit from that insight and experience. This is something that people who opt for DIY legal solutions often miss out on.

Large Network 

Lawyers know other lawyers. Whether it’s through law school, professional organizations or social media, lawyers network with lawyers. And one big reason is so that they can provide each other with referrals. So that means that if I am a startup lawyer who knows nothing about estate planning or real estate law, I want to have somebody on deck that I can send my clients to.

These are often going to be other lawyers that a lawyer knows and trusts and believes will be a good fit for their clients. This saves you time and money because you don’t have to search for an attorney – you can often just ask a lawyer that you already know for recommendations.

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