A Must Read eBook for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

Do you ever feel like you’re missing something? Like if you knew a little bit more, you could finally start that business you’ve been dreaming of? Or if you could just figure out what that one entrepreneur you look up to knows, you could take your business to the next level?

Take a look at Coca Cola, KFC, Dangote, MTN and other successful businesses that have lingered. What do they have in common? They are big and different yet have something in common that has made them sustainable: a legal foundation.

The right business structure, trade secrets (intellectual property) and a business model that is legally protected. These are the common denominators for every sustainable and profitable business around the world.

Legal challenges is said to be one of the major reasons businesses fail. Other reasons include lack of market need, no cash flow etc. All the other reasons businesses fail could be avoided with proper guidance from a business savvy lawyers.

Even the Mafia and notorious Drug Lords like Pablo Escobar and EL Chapo were able to build a vast empire only with the help of their trusted consigliere (lawyer).

Bottom line: building a sustainable and profitable business venture is practically impossible without the help of a business savvy lawyer.

The world of business may never be the same in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic which has ravaged millions of businesses across the world. It is about that time to go back to the basics and build from ground up. That is what smart business owners do.

If the fear of not knowing enough—whether it’s about how to protect your business idea or trade secret, how you’ll survive without the perceived stability of your 9-5, how to stay compliant with the law (taxes etc) or how you could actually build a profitable business on the internet, then Legal 101 for Successful Entrepreneurs and SMEs eBook is for you.

Whether you are brand-new to self-employment, still just dipping your toes into the entrepreneurial waters, looking to upscale your business, or a proven pro, this eBook will help you remove the fears and insecurities which are blocking your growth and help you find the life you’ve been dreaming of.


We provide crucial information on the basic legal protection you need to start, protect and scale your business during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic.


  • Choosing a legal entity for your business and the tax and legal implications of each option.

  • Obtaining a Tax Identification Number and opening Corporate Account.

  • Protecting your Intellectual Property.

  • Financing your business.

  • Recovering unpaid invoices,


  • a One-page business plan and;

  • a Startup checklist


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