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Our Journey

The AffordableLaw Program was conceived by a team of Startup Lawyers and Developers who ran a Company Formation Firm and discovered while helping over 1000 business owners start their business that businesses needed affordable and accessible legal solutions.

Our mission was to make access to bespoke legal solutions possible for every ambitious business.

While helping businesses setup, we noticed those who were either frustrated with high legal fees, or people and businesses who have recurring legal needs, but don’t have the necessary resources to engage the traditional law firm. So, we decided to do something different.

We created a legal subscription plan designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

our focus

We give you peace of mind.

Our innovative legal subscription service provides you with an ongoing legal assessment to determine your legal needs in a variety of areas: contracts, business formation, intellectual property, trademarks, debt recovery,meeting and negotiation support and more.


Legal solutions that fits perfectly into the budget or cashflow of Small and Medium Enterprises.


Personalised Legal Service by qualified and experienced business savvy on-demand lawyers.


Tailor-made, consistent Legal solutions to help Small and Medium Entreprises avoid legal issues.

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